помогите написать письмо.вот вопросы....Summer is coming and...

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помогите написать письмо. вот вопросы.

. . . Summer is coming and I want to look my best: healthy, chergetic and pkysicallyfit. So Im trying to eat plain, nutural food, have enough sleep at hight and I have recently joined a fitness.

Do you do anything special to stay healthy.

What makes people healthy and strong

What do you think about a healthy life style

(80-100 предложений)


what does healthy life mean ! in my opinien healthy life is a life that surely have time for sport and healthy foods are big part of it!

Healthy lifestyles comprise of:

Healthy eating-Eating food that are nutritional and good for the body like fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat diets, unrefined carbohydrates, etc. It includes avoiding food that is bad for you like refined carbohydrates, fatty foods, alcohol, etc. Eating in moderation is the essential component of healthy eating.


Health and Fitness-Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and your body. Yoga has a therapeutic affect and also helps to reduce your stress level. Pilates are great for strengthening your “core” muscles which are situated around your midsection. You could consider some other forms of exercise like Tai Chi, martial arts and Qi Gong. It is essential that you incorporate any kind of exercises in to your daily life to help keep you fit and maintain your weight at a healthy level.


Managing stress efficiently is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Failure to manage stress effectively can harm your body and affect your relationship with others. If left unattended, stress can also lead to alcohol or drug addiction.


You cannot have a healthy lifestyle if you are depress and unhappy. Following your bliss is a must if you want to live a happy and joyful life. Doing what you are passionate about helps keep you motivated.


Alternative health options like herbal medicine, massage therapy, meditation, Ayurveda, reflexology, aromatherapy, etc, can benefit you and help you have a healthier lifestyle.There may be time in your life when you may be suffering from some minor health challenges and resorting to conventional medicine may not have provided satisfactory result. Or you may be healthy and just looking for some alternative ways to maintain your good health. Whatever your reasons, you could be led to decide upon looking toward alternative medicine for solution.


Sleeping right, having a positive outlook about life and having a balanced life are also the necessary components of a healthy lifestyle.                                   all these things make us strong and healthy peole so try to enjoy you life in best ways ! i realy preffer the healthy life!

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