Make sentences as shown in the example. Each sentence has one...

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Make sentences as shown in the example. Each sentence has one verb in the Past continuous and one in the Past simple. Example: She / break / her knee / when / she / ski. She broke her knee when she was skiing. 1. I/ have stroll / when /I/ see / the / car accident. 2. When / dad / enter the room / mother / sing а lullaby. 3. She/sit down/on а chair/ while/he/paint/her portrait. 4. When / we / соте / from the party / he / listen to / one of his records.


1.I was having a stroll when I saw a car accident 2. When  dad  entered the room  mother was singing а lullaby. 3. She sat down on а chair while he was painting her portrait. 4. When  we / сотеd  from the party  he was listening to  one of his records.


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