complete these sentences using the verbs in brackets in...

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complete these sentences using the verbs in brackets in passive 


in the 1970s new TV technologies (to develop)

a lot of TV programmes (to devote) to politics

in the future new tv stations (to build) in Russia

i am sure the best tv films (to show) next year

television (to use) for many purposes

the bbc (to know) ac the best non-commercial television system

television signal (to send) from a central source and (to receive by home tv sets

more and more people (to teach) witch the help of television in he future

our lives (to dominate) by television in the future

we hope that more good films (to watch) by young people


1. were developed

2. will be devoted 

3. хз:D

4. will be showed 

5. will be used

6. will be known 

7. хз:D

8. will be tought

9. will be dominated 

10. will be watched 


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