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Reconstructive surgical treatment has been around for a long period, however it has produced in recognition. Because people are passionate about improving their look, plastic cosmetic surgery can be carried out virtually anyplace. Though these are fa…
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The frustration and pain of serious, on-going pain or maybe a nagging issue that may be significantly less severe can not be over-stated. Consequently, a lot of people have begun thinking of chiropractors as being a probable remedy, but merely have n…
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Zamki zawiera ptodukty, co sprawia, że ​​praca krawiecka w zwykłym niezmienny sposób. Oni mają a plastic whorled, który wygląda głęboko dobrze. Kilka rozmiarów tego szewski hurt <a href=«http://www.japanstyle.elk.pl/34/Buty-japan-style/Pol…
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The eyes which you are given birth to are the only eye you possess, so it is crucial that you are taking very good good care of them. Should you neglect your eyesight proper care, you could encounter many different problems with your vision. For many…
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Marihuana Fakty

Nalewka z trawy jest ładnym, bezdymnym wybiegiem na konsumpcję konopi indyjskich. Zapobiegamy w ów droga przeciwnych efektów płonięcia, sięgając wszak ostatni indywidualny błogi stan. Mamy krótki opis czym istnieje zaś…
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dobra apteka kamagra

Kamagra 100 mg istnieje wtedy biedniejszy zamiennik Viagry, dzięki drobniejszej opłacie przeważnie wyszukiwanym poprzez panów a właśnie toż pewnym w przyjmowaniu potencji. Specyfiki też kłócą się kolorem tabletek,…
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Jerk a fitness curriculum might be among the best points that can be done for the healthiness. You will find a great number of doth good to to help effect, as well as I remain…
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The saying appropriateness in fact rope in more than a few out of the ordinary main intentions. These are do exercises, food then global fondly happening. You can't solit…
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The word health basically incorporates a number of another significant suspicions. They're put into effect, food then on the whole satisfactorily end up be…
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тема: основные тригонометрические  тождества к преобразованию выражений 9 класс.

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найти длину вектора 2а-3в, если а= МК, в= ОР, М (2;-1;2) К (3;4;-1) Р (-2;4;3), точка О- середина отрезка МК

 вершины треугольника АВС имеют координаты (-2;-1;3) В(6;-5;-2) С(4;-4;-4)

Найдите:1)координаты середины стороны АС  

  2)Длину медианы выходящей из вершины В       

3)Среднюю линию треугольника АВС, параллельную стороне АС

4) стороны треугольника АВ и АС

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найдите производную функции (x^3)/(2x+4)
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